Sermon Series

Sermon Series


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What's Next?

11/30/22 Be Vigilant (Romans 16:17-24)

11/16/22 You Might Need to Chnage Your Playground, Change Your Playmates (Romans 16:1-16)

10/26/22 Tell Everyone (Romans 15:8-21)

10/19/22 Don't Live to Please Yourself/Unity (Romans 15:1-7)

10/12/22 Don't Cause a Weaker Brother to Stumble (Romans 14:13-23)

9/28/22 There but for the Grace of God Go I (Romans 14:1-12)

9/21/22 Serve the State/Government (Romans 13)

9/7/22 Serve the People You Do Life with (Romans 12:9-21)

8/24/22 Serve with Our Gifts WITH LOVE (Romans 12:1-8)

Asking for a Friend

5/4/22- Why does God seem to answer some prayers but not others?

4/20/22- Is it normal to have doubts about your faith?

4/13/22- Can you be gay and be a Christian?

4/6/22- Is masturbation a sin?

3/23/22- How do you know when you’re ready to date/time to break up?

3/16/22- How can women serve in the Church?

3/2/22- Testimony Night

2/16/22- How can you trust the Bible?

2/9/22- Worship Night

2/2/22- If God is so good then why is there a Hell?

1/19/22- What does living in community look like? Part 2

1/12- What does living in community look like? Part 1

Trying vs. Training

12/1/21 The Experience of Suffering

11/17/21 The Importance of Scripture 

10/27/21 Receiving Guidance from the Holy Spirit 

10/20/21 The Practice of Confession

10/13/21 The Practice of Servanthood

9/29/21 The Practice of Prayer

9/22/21 The Practice of Slowing 

9/8/21 The Practice of Celebration 

9/1/21 Intro: Discipline Means Practice 

What Is the Gospel?

10/14/20 Growing Deeper in the Gospel

9/30/20 Why Did Jesus Need to Rise?

9/23/20 Why Did Jesus Need to Die? 

9/9/20 What Went Wrong?

9/2/20 What Is the Gospel?

Bad Advice

5/6/20 There Are Many Ways to God 

4/22/20 Don't Share Your Faith, It Will Offend People (Don't Take Your Faith Too Seriously)

4/15/20 Plan Out Your Entire Life

4/8/20 As Long As It Makes You Happy

4/1/20 Only God Can Judge You

3/18/20 The Good Outweighs the Bad

3/4/20 Your Sin Struggle Will Go Away When...

2/19/20 Life Begins When You're Married

2/12/20 Try before You Buy

2/5/20 God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle 

1/15/20 Follow Your Heart

1/8/20 Intro


10/9/19 Avoiding Isolation

9/25/19 Admonishment 

9/18/19 Encouragement and Truth

9/11/19 Accountability 

8/28/19 Authenticity

Heroes of the Faith

12/4/19 Samson

11/20/19 Esther

10/23/19 Elijah

10/16/19 Ruth

Let's Talk About It

5/1/19 Sexual Purity

4/24/19 Singleness

4/17/19 Mental Illness

4/10/19 Racism

3/27/19 Are We a Thing? When to Date

3/6/19 Are We a Thing?: How to Date

2/27/19 Are We a Thing?: Who to Date

2/20/19 Serving

2/13/19 Who Is Jesus?

2/6/19 How can God Allow Suffering?

1/30/19 Conflict: Forgiving Yourself

1/23/19 Conflict: Forgiving the Unforgivable 

1919 Conflict: Owning Your Sin

Manger Things

12/12/18 Outcasts Welcomed In

11/28/18 Scandalous Birth

All In

11/7/18 Inadequacy

10/31/18 Fear

10/17/18 Lack of Faith

Taming Tongues

9/5/18 Root of Discontentment

8/29/18 Words of Healing or Destruction?

8/22/18 Taming What Goes In

The Stars Rewritten

10/3/18 Forever Changed

9/26/18 Propitiation "What Does That Even Mean?"

9/12/18 The Weight of Our Sin


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